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What is SCFToken?

SCFToken is a decentralized mobile electronic wallet dedicated for storing our cryptocurrencies. Why do we need such a wallet? As with traditional money, the wallet is used to store our banknotes and coins. E-wallets  have the same functionality in relation to virtual money (cryptocurrencies), and SCFToken wallet has this basic functionality.
But that's not all. The intelligent SCFToken wallet is also connected to a trading bot (AI bot), which carries out automatic trading and arbitrage transactions on various cryptocurrency exchanges and generated income is added to our balance. This income is added to SCFToken balance - utility token - which can be exchanged at any time for the cryptocurrency and paid out. More


  • Passive income - thanks to SCFToken wallet and connected trading robot (AI Bot), we can not only store our cryptocurrencies on SCFToken wallet, but also run a trading bot, which will increase the balance of our assets.
  • Growing value of token - the initial value of 1 SCFToken was $ 0.1. The current value is several times higher. So if we keep the current rising trend, which is very likely, we can achieve additional income by selling our SCF balance at a higher exchange rate than of the accrual day.
  • Decentralized application - we receive private keys to our generated wallets and these keys give us exclusive access to them. The application is also decentralized and we get access by using mnemonic words. So no hacker or even SCFToken developers have no access to our wallet.



Receive monthly free bonuses (AIRdrop of some cryptocurrencies - TRX, BUMO, XRP, ADA). You just need to keep higher active deposit than $500.

AI Robot

Launching the intelligent AI robot gives us the opportunity to generate income at the level of 6-12% per month (daily accruals).

Ease of use

SCFToken mobile application is an easy tool for managing our cryptocurrency assets. We can withdraw, exchange and transfer them to the AI Bot activity at any time with simple steps.

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Kelvin Carwell Nigeria

Hi, My Name is Kelvin Carwell and I must state that in just a short span of a couple of weeks, Joining SCFTOKEN has proven to be the best decision I have made in 2019. Very responsible and legitimate company. I am proud to be an Early Member and will be accumulating this coin all year long.

SCF token wallet pays me 8%- 18% monthly, I get paid every single day for just holding my crypto in their wallet.

Andreas Kartrud Sweden

I joined SCF after looking into the and zb mega partnership between SCF Token wallet and I have to say that a more long term and sustainable project is hard to find. SCF will become one of the biggest winners in 2019 / 2020 without a doubt.

Decentralized, with major partnerships, do not miss SCF token wallet!

Join the best team and receive individual support as well as dedicated educational and marketing materials!

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Download SCF Token guide

A guide that easily explains how to register your application and how to download it. You will also learn how to create wallets, how to run AI bot and how to withdraw funds.

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