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About SCFtoken team - What is SCFToken?

What is SCFToken?

SCFToken is an electronic wallet developed and created by a Singaporean group of programmers called CodingFly. It is operated by CODINGFLY FOUNDATION LTD. This group has been supporting blockchain technology based projects since 2015. In 2018, this company became a technological partner of such projects as Tron, Ripple, CareerOn, BUMO and Palleton. CodingFly's headquarters is located next to the ZB MEGA head office, which is the Singapore branch of the ZB.com Chinese exchange - the patron and investor of the project:

The ZB Group holds 51% shares in the ZB MEGA exchange. The daily turnover of the ZB.com market reaches up to $ 900 million and thus it is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Bruce Zhang is the CEO of CondingFly and ZB MEGA .


Bruce Zhang

National University of Singapore

  • 2009 2009 Apple Southeast Asia Director
  • 2011 Bitcoin Early Investor
  • 2013 MasterCoin Shareholder
  • 2015 Apple Senior Advisor
  • 2018 CodingFly and ZB Mega CEO

ZB MEGA team was formed from BitSG - one of the leading blockchain service provider with nearly 200 customer base. BitSG was founded in September 2017 and has a team of former employees of well-known institutions such as Apple, The Big Four and British Petroleum. While in 2018 the market recorded a sharp downturn, this year the BitSG team incubated over 100 projects. On November 1, 2018, on the 10th anniversary of the birth of Bitcoin, BitSG and ZB reached a consensus to establish a ZB branch in Singapore called ZB Mega. In this way new markets opened for both parties.

Strategic partners of ZB MEGA:

Zb.com, one of the world's top five blockchain asset exchanges, was founded in 2013 and is one of the most powerful exchanges in the industry with the most comprehensive technology, sub-brand include ZB Global, ZB MEGA, BW.

Bitbank Group, the world's largest digital asset manage platform, has a cumulative management of assets over 200,000 BTC, providing a complete back-end wallet solution for many exchanges.

Gbac (Global Graphene Blockchain application Centre) Graphene is the most advanced underlying architecture for the blockchain industry, and Graphene-based products include bitshares, Steemit,Eos and other internationally renowned public chain projects, GBAC is committed to the global promotion and support of graphene technology, BitSG is responsible for GBAC's Asian business work.

Beosin technology Blockchain industry's top security service institutions, in the industry to be the first to achieve formal verification of intelligent contracts, for blockchain projects, enterprises to provide a complete security solution, is a solid backing for the development of the industry.

How is income generated?

The income is generated by a dedicated SCFToken traders team named Mingkong Quantitative (orig. 明空量化), headed by Liang Yubo (orig. 梁宇波). The team has developed an unique trading system combining various strategies for simultaneous transaction execution, such as CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor), hedging strategies or arbitrage.

The team won the BCEX 2019 Global Quantitative Trading Competition with the result of 90.61% per month [source], and in 2019 they took first place in the Golden Financing Global Quantitative Trading Convention with a monthly profit of 92.38% [source].

More about trading group

Liang Yubo at CodingFly headquarters