SCFToken wallet creation


How to create SCFToken wallet?

1. Log in to your wallet
2. Click "Create Wallet"
3. Enter
a) wallet name
b) wallet password
c) repeat wallet password
d) provide a hint for the password to be able to recover it (field not required)
e) accept the terms and conditions, click [Next]

4) Press Backup button to generate 10 mnemonic words for recovery purposes of the account. We confirm this action by entering the password from 3b step

5) Rewrite 12 words in the given order and save them in a safe place (preferably on a piece of paper or make a screen), so that only you can access them. After rewriting press [Next] and then [Confirm] button next to the message.

6) Confirm the order of mnemonic words. We confirm by clicking on the word. Then click [Confirm] button. If we did it correctly the message "successful operation" will appear. The ETH wallet has been created and it is visible in the "wallet" menu tab

Next step: investment