FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions



Can I register from any country?

It is not allowed to register from the following countries: China, USA, Great Britain, Canada. But you can try to register from a mobile number outside these countries.


When I receive first acrruals after starting AI Bot?

Deposits made before 5 pm give the first accrual 2 days later at 5 am.
Depozyty made after 5 pm give the first accrual 3 days later at 5 am.
All hours of Korean time.

At what time I receive my accruals?

You get your daily accruals at 3-4am (GMT)

What is reinvestment minimum?

There is no reinvestment minimum.

How can I reinvest inside the application?

1. Move SCF to Wallet in AIBOT
2. Exchange SCF to ETH
3. Add additional ETH to the AIBOT (AI BOT tab and IN button).


An error appears when using the application. What can I do?

Here is the list of errors that can appear in the application:

//Interface error code
“ErrorCode_1000” = “Server error”;
“ErrorCode_1004” = “Database Error”;
“ErrorCode_1006” = “Duplicated name”;

“ErrorCode_2001” = “A account does not exist”;
“ErrorCode_2002” = “A account with limited access”;
“ErrorCode_2003” = “The loading time has expired”;
“ErrorCode_2004” = “The loading is not complete”;
“ErrorCode_2006” = “This user does not exist”;
“ErrorCode_2008” = “Unauthorized”;
“ErrorCode_2009” = “Id and username must be the only value”;
“ErrorCode_2010” = “The new password must be different from the existing password”;
“ErrorCode_2011” = “Existing Password Error”;
“ErrorCode_2015” = “Password Error”;
“ErrorCode_2016” = “Please change your password first”;
“ErrorCode_2017” = “New password duplicates existing password”;
“ErrorCode_2018” = “Request statement error”;
“ErrorCode_2019” = “This phone number already exists”;
“ErrorCode_2020” = “This ID already exists”;
“ErrorCode_2021” = “User generation failed”;
“ErrorCode_2022” = “The recommended information is invalid”;
“ErrorCode_2023” = “The recommended information cannot be duplicated”;

//Related to accruals
“ErrorCode_3001” = “The conversion rate is insufficient”;

//ZwińÖzane z SMS
“ErrorCode_5001” = “Duplicated transmission request”;
“ErrorCode_5002” = “This is an invalid authentication code”;
“ErrorCode_5003” = “Certificate code error”;
“ErrorCode_5007” = “Delivery request failed”;
“ErrorCode_5008” = “Invalid authentication code or account number”;
“ErrorCode_5009” = “This account already exists”;
“ErrorCode_5010” = “Invalid authentication code. Send it again.”
“ErrorCode_5011” = “Duplicated wallet address”;
“ErrorCode_2024” = “Phone number does not match account”;
“ErrorCode_2025″=”The number of phone numbers allowed to subscribe has been exceeded”;
“ErrorCode_3002” = “Low balance”;
“ErrorCode_3003” = “Money is allowed only once a day”;

“ErrorCode_5003” = “Certificate code error”


Can you buy SCF token alone?

At the moment, no, but soon it will be available on some exchangers. It is only possible to purchase SCF from another user who is willing to sell SCF. You can send SCF between users of the SCF wallet.