How to close AI Bot deposit and withdraw


How to finish your AI Robot deposit and withdraw it?

1) Go to [AI Bot] tab and click  [OUT] button next to ETH wallet
2) Select a wallet, enter the quantity (we can withdraw all funds or just a part), confirm the action with your wallet's password and press [Confirm] button

2) Go to [Wallet] tab and click on ETH wallet

3) Click [Send] button

4) Enter your ETH wallet where you want to withdraw your ETH from SCFToken wallet and provide withdrawal amount. Leave [Memo] field blank. Do not change the fee value with the slider.

5) Press [Confirm] button and wait up to 10 minutes for withdrawal


Remember that your deposit withdrawal made before 15 days involves 5% fee. The withdrawal made after 30 days involves 1% fee.

Your reinvestment resets this deadline.