Withdrawal – how to withdraw from SCFtoken


How to withdraw funds from SCFToken?

1) Enter [AI BOT] tab and click "Total Profit"
2) A screen with earnings details will appear. Now click [Withdraw]

3) Select the wallet, enter the amount you want to withdraw, confirm with the wallet password and press [Confirm]

Remember that you can withdraw once a day only

4) Go to [Wallet] tab i and wait for SCF balance update (up to 10 min.)

5) After filling the balance, click [Exchange] button to exchange your SCF balance to ETH
6) Select a wallet, enter SCF amount, confirm the action with the wallet password and press [Confirm] button

Remember that the minimum amount of exchange is 50 SCF and the SCF to ETH exchange fee is 0.5%

7) Go to [Wallet] tab and click on ETH wallet

8) Click [Send] button

9) Enter your ETH wallet where you want to withdraw your ETH from SCFToken wallet and provide withdrawal amount. Leave [Memo] field blank. Do not change the fee value with the slider.

10) Press [Confirm] button and wait up to 10 minutes for withdrawal