Investment – how to invest in SCFtoken


How to fund SCFToken wallet and connect to AI Bot?

1) Press [add coins] button near our new wallet
2) Switch the shifter next to the ETH wallet

Now our button is green.

3) Return to the Wallet tab and press on the ETH wallet

4) Press Receive
5) Fund provided ETH wallet (copy it or use QR code) with a minimum equivalent to $100. We recommend fund a little bit more, like $120, because if the value of cryptocurrencies decreases, the robot will not make a profit if the balance drops below $ 100.

By depositing $500 we also take part in AirDrop.

After funding our wallet to start earning we need to run AI bot:

6) Go to [AI bot] tab
7) Click [IN] button near ETH wallet
8) Choose the wallet type and ETH amount you want to fund your wallet connected to AI Bot. We confirm this action with the password of the wallet. We enter this amount by deducting 0.01 from the balance (transaction fee) and not less than $100 ($120 minimum recommended).
9) Wait a few minutes and this amount will be added to AI Bot tab under "Total assets"


Deposits made before 5 pm give the first accrual 2 days later at 5 am.
Depozyty made after 5 pm give the first accrual 3 days later at 5 am.
All hours of Korean time.

At any time by using [IN] button we can add additional money to our AI bot deposit.

Remeber to leave 0.02-0.03 ETH on your main wallet balance to cover further transactions fees!