Registration and invitation code in SCFToken


How to register SCFToken account

Step 1: Click on this link to download the application on your phone (android or IOS). It is preferable to copy and paste the link into the browser, eg Opera):

or use the QR code:

Step 2: install and run the application

Step 3: change the application language to English

Step 4: click Register and fill your your data after selecting the country. The username should contains from 6 to 12 characters and have at least one digit.

Step 5: to complete the registration you must enter your mobile number and receive the SMS verification code. Do not enter the country phone area code!  (without +44) , but for example 602555654

Step 6: enter the invitation code to receive individual support and promotional materials from us: tothemoon1 and press Register button.

In case of problems

  • Allow for installation from unknown applications (IOS) - General Setting –> Device Management
  • Do not click the link, just copy and paste it into the browser (preferably Opera or Brave)
  • Update your Android to the latest version
  • Make sure that you have the latest version of the application (Mine -> Detect new versions)


  • Countries that can not be registered: China, United Kingdom, USA and Canada

Next step: Creating a wallet